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Uncovering Unethical Practices: A Journey of Integrity and Transformation


Imagine landing a job at a bustling automobile dealership, excited to embark on a new adventure in the heart of Evanston. That’s exactly what happened to me, armed with my expertise in inventory control. The opportunity came knocking at Schumacher Ford, a well-established dealership just a stone’s throw away from where I lived. Little did […]

The Importance of Cherishing Innocence and Childhood


While the world was engulfed in chaos and countless men and women fought bravely on the battlefield, I, a mere two-year-old boy, remained blissfully unaware of the sacrifices being made around me. Instead, my world consisted of cute pictures taken by my loving family, showcasing me in my cozy jammies, getting bathed, and engaging in […]

Embracing Change and Growth


As a recent college graduate, I returned to Minnesota to work and live at home. It was during this time that I received a notice from the Draft Board, informing me of my eligibility for military duty. With the Vietnam War escalating, the pressure to make a choice weighed heavily on me. After much contemplation, […]

Discovering My Roots: Lessons from the Unknown


The Power of Identity and Self-Discovery As a two-year-old child, I was oblivious to the details of my life. I didn’t know my parents, my nanny, or even where I lived. The pictures that adorned my surroundings captured moments of my existence, yet I lacked the comprehension to understand their significance. In this blog, I […]

A Journey of Passion, Friendship, and Success


Introduction: Life has a way of surprising us with unexpected opportunities and challenges. It’s in these moments that we discover our true potential and learn valuable life lessons. My journey with Commercial Industrial Real Estate, Inc. (CIREA) not only taught me the ins and outs of the business but also gave me a deeper understanding […]